March 31st, 2007


Promptathon Round Up - Day Four!

Fiction (by fandom)

Angel the Series

secondalto: Never Enough Angel the Series, Angel, time (gen) PG-13

due South

aingeal8c: Graduation, due South, Vecchio, uniform, G
aingeal8c: Interlude, due South, Fraser/Vecchio, dark, PG
aingeal8c: Together, due South, Fraser/Vecchio, belonging, G

Green Wing

leiascully: These Days, Green Wing, Guy(/Caro), now, G
catwalksalone: Twisting In The Wind, Green Wing, Guy/Mac, proof, 15 (language)
quiesce: Final Wager, Green Wing, Guy/Mac, jelly, PG
leiascully: Anecdotal, Green Wing, Caro(/Guy), wonky,
leiascully: Perpetuity, Green Wing, Mac(/Caro/Guy), then, PG

Good Omens

etcetera_cat: Morning Has Broken Good Omens - Crowley/Aziraphale, first light, G

Last 5 Years

enterincolor: Direction, Last 5 Years, Elise/Jamie (sorta), love, PG


enterincolor: The Rules, Rent, Alison, how to be a Grey, G
enterincolor: Crazygirl, Rent, April, shadow, PG (warning for insanity)


buzzylittleb: Dreams of Destruction and Ice Cream Sandman, Dream/Death, ice cream, gen, G

Sports Night

catwalksalone: Stormy Weather, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, rain, PG
catwalksalone: James Dean, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, rock and roll, PG
catwalksalone: Sincerely Yours, Dan/Casey, letters, PG
quiesce: Unspoken, Sports Night, Dan/Casey/Dana, as long as, R

Art (by fandom)

None submitted

Vids (by fandom)

voiceless009: Things I'll Never Say, Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, unsaid, PG-ish

Don't forget to give these FABULOUSLY creative people feedback! And if you liked what you saw, please feel free to come and play with us!
regenesis [riekchen]


Got your jammies and junk food ready? The screening chat opens in one hour and kicks off in two (at 6pm Boston time) with Mountie on the Bounty. Comment here with your AIM nick to be invited!

EDIT: If you have your AIM set not to allow random (non-buddy) people to contact you, turn it off or you won't see your invite! Go to Connections --> Manage my connections, then click on the one that says AIM, then the Change button and go to the Privacy tab to change it.
me cat

Meta: Canon vs. Fanon: Where does Fanon Come From and Why Does it Refuse to Die?

MJ Panel Mod: wpadmirer

This is where I want to start the discussion.

I started in the X-Files Fandom. When I joined in (after the show had been on 3 years my town finally got the Fox channel), I started reading the fanfic and I kept seeing references to Mulder's behavior patterns that didn't match the show. Eventually I discovered there was a story by Livingoo called OKLAHMOMA that was being used by other fanfics as a "fanon" for Mulder's character. I was fascinated by this.

Essentially the canon of the show had changed because of a widely read and extremely good early genfic in the fandom. It became such a part of the fandom that people who hadn't read it were referencing events in that story because they'd read references to it in other stories, and it had become "canon" to them - not realizing that it was actually fanon.

So my panel discussion will be 1) what instances of "fanon" are you familiar with in your fandom that have changed how people view the characters or the show. 2) Do you know where these started? 3) How pervasive do find this to be in your particular fandom?

I think all of us, as we move through different fandoms will see that this does happen, and so - discuss!

me cat

Meta: For Those of You Still Watching at Home, Please Give Us a Call and Tell Us Why (SN)

MJ Panel Mod: Celli

Discussion space - the floor is yours

Possible points for consideration:
1. Is it the source, the fanfic or the people that keeps you in the SN fandom? Why?
2. What is it that your SN OTP (if you have one) provides that your other fandoms can't?
3. At the end of the day, is it all about That Thing Dan Does With His Mouth?
me cat

Meta: The Slash Closet: Are You In or Are You Out?

The Slash Closet: Are You In or Are You Out?
By muskratjamboree panel moderators: bluebrocade, shoemaster, and lovelokest.

The Slash Closet: it's where you hide when you're not comfortable being open about your slash habit. Maybe your friends and family are ultra-conservative or -- ick! -- homophobic. Perhaps your slash habit could cause you some professional headaches if your boss or colleagues found out. Maybe it's not the slash you're reticent to reveal; it's the explicit sex or your involvement with fandom itself. Maybe you just think your hobbies are no one's business.

We invite you to think about your slash habit. Who knows about it? Who doesn't? Why? Why not? Take our poll; read through some of the 200+ comments; then answer any or all of these questions...

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me cat

Meta: Whos On First: An Old-School Doctor Who Primer for Fans of Nine, Ten, and Torchwood

MJ Panel Mod: Kylie Lee

"Whos On First: An Old-School Doctor Who Primer for Fans of Nine, Ten, and Torchwood," modded by Kylie Lee (LJ: kylielee1000)

Please note that Season 3 of the new Doctor Who airs today!

Doctor Who 2005 shares many elements with classic Doctor Who (1963-1989; 1996 TV movie), but the new show has updated the old for an audience that is perhaps not familiar with the old show. The
producers thus walk a fine line between pleasing both audiences. A sprawling canon needs to be honored, as does the show's famously low-budget production values.

After a brief sketch of some of the major differences, some of which (such as destroying the Doctor's past) are ways of hitting the reset button to permit new narrative directions, we'll talk--perhaps in historical terms, perhaps not--about the following things, which resonante from the old show into the new:

1. The alien nature of the Doctor.

2. The role of the companions.

3. The relationship of the Doctor to his companions.

4. Romance (snogging in the TARDIS??).

5. Villains that cross over from the old series to the new, particularly the Daleks and the Cybermen.

6. The coherence of the new universe, which includes Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.
me cat

Meta: Real Issues Used In Battlestar Galactica

MJ Panel Mod: izzybeth

The reimagined Battlestar Galactica is more than simply an accomplished example of science fiction's post-apocalyptic subgenre; as well as creating nuanced human drama, the writers use the setting and society, which is both utterly distant from ours and entirely recognisable, as a lens through which to view real-world issues. Issues raised include the balance between individual freedoms and the needs of society: season one deals with freedom in the press in a society under unimaginable stress, and labour rights are the focus in season three's Dirty Hands. New Caprica has clear parallels to Iraq, and Season Two's themes of religion in government and separation of church and state also resonate with contemporary society.

NB: We're here to talk about the show, so let's keep discussion centred on the show, and leave personal politics for another time. That is, talking about the stance the show takes on a particular issue is fine; talking about whether you think the stance is right or wrong is off-topic.

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Possible discussion points:

Why is science fiction such a popular medium for holding the mirror up to reality? Is the different perspective that can be offered by a different context more or less effective than a straight-out real-world treatment of similar issues?

On the other hand, can it be taken too far or too literally? For instance, do you find the parallels between New Caprica and Iraq too literal? Are there any other real-world conflics you think the arc draws on?

Do you think the creators/writers/producers/etc. are deliberately trying to make a statement on any current issue with the show?
What differences do you see between the role of religion in the Colonies and religion on Earth?
me cat

Meta: The Mystery of Rodney McKay: Why Do We Love a Character Who's Entirely Obnoxious?

The Mystery of Rodney McKay: Why Do We Love a Character Who's Entirely Obnoxious?
By muskratjamboree panel moderators: bluebrocade, reginagiraffe, kanzenhanzai, and visionshadows.

Rodney Mckay is definitely not a traditional hero. He can be quite obnoxious, not to mention impatient, rude, arrogant, and condescending. So, why is the character so popular? Let's explore the mystery of Rodney McKay...

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Promptathon Deadline EXTENDED!

OK! So here is the deal guys. Not that I haven't had a BLAST chatting today, but we only had TWO people play in the promptathon today! *pretends to glare* What gives?! So in exchange for more people playing, I am extending the deadline a full 24 hours. So instead of your LOVELY creations being due tomorrow at midnight, they are now due April 2 at Midnight (when Monday turns into Tuesday! :o) EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME. So please! COME AND PLAY WITH US!! :o)