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rat_jam Meta Panels!

Invitation to Meta!

We are coordinating with the official muskratjamboree Panel Mods for those panels to have an online presence (at least where the mods have the time and energy to participate here, too)!

In addition to the MJ Panels, we are opening the floor to accept additional (non-MJ) panel topics!

If you want to be a part of the Meta, please send a note to thecatthatwalkedalone @ with your proposed meta topic as soon as you can, and as long as it follows the guidelines for excellent panel suggestions given in the MJ panel rules, it's yours! Smart, fabulous meta discussion in any fandom or about fandom is welcome!

We'll keep an updated list of panel topics in the community, so you know what to expect and what hasn't been covered yet.

After you've received confirmation for your topic, submit your essay any time! We'd like to have your post as soon as possible, to avoid the last minute scramble, but talk to us if you have concerns -- we're flexible. :)

Please note: Essays should be at least 500 words minimum. They also should be proof-read final drafts correctly formatted for LJ. We won't have time to do any editing, so please, please have someone beta your essay before you submit it!

As long as we have your essays ahead of time, they'll be part of the Scheduled Meta throughout the weekend, so the sooner we have them, the better. Once your essay goes up, we invite you to Track the post and manage the discussion in comments. :)

Thank you!!

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