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Meta Collection Post

Links to each meta topic will be collected here so that you don't have to trawl through posts to find what you are looking for. This post will be linked in the sidebar of the comm. Remember, if you are interested in a particular discussion you can use the Track This button to follow what's happening without having to refresh the post every few minutes.

Get ready to Meta!

The Coming of A Closed Canon: Blessing or Curse?

Cancelled!?! Gasp! Or how to keep the love alive once the series goes off-the-air


Due South: How An Old Fandom Stays New

Plot, Woe, Plot: Faking Forensics and Conjuring Crimes for Investigative Fandoms


From Ten Seconds of Screentime to Ten Thousand Fanfics: How and Why Some Secondary Characters Take On a Life of Their Own

Kidfic and Smarm. Guilty Pleasures: why we love them, why we're embarrassed by them


Teeny Tiny Fandoms

House: which way is the show going?


John Sheppard: Johnny, Are You Queer, Boy? (Don't Ask, Don't Tell.)

The English Language (or, "How People Really Talk")


Callum Keith Rennie: The Man, The Myth, The Fandom

Ins and Outs of Sex in Greece and Rome

Ray Kowalski As Hero


I Ran a Secret Santa Three Times. This Is What I Learned.


Captain Jack Harkness: Shallow Con Man with Hidden Depths


"Life on Mars" - Intentional Homoeroticism - a nod to 70s Cop Shows? Or more?


Canon vs. Fanon: Where does Fanon Come From and Why Does it Refuse to Die?

For Those of You Still Watching at Home, Please Give Us a Call and Tell Us Why (SN)


The Slash Closet: Are You In or Are You Out?

The many wonders of Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill


Franklin's Hand: The Adventure That Built The Ship (Ins and Out of Authorial Intent and the Slashy Heart of Paul Gross)

HBO: So Much Good TV, So Little Fandom!


Online Friendships: better than real life?

Whos On First: An Old-School Doctor Who Primer for Fans of Nine, Ten, and Torchwood

Rentboy!fic and the Sex industry. Squicks, kinks, reality and fandom


Real Issues Used In Battlestar Galactica

Mytharc vs. the Road Trip: Striking a Balance (SPN)


The Mystery of Rodney McKay: Why Do We Love a Character Who's Entirely Obnoxious?

Veronica Mars: Buffy 2.0?


OTmore-than-twos: What do you do with all those legs and why do we even want them?

Everyone At NCIS Is Sleeping With Everyone Else: Discuss


Turning Up the Heat: maintaining sexual tension in fic

Balancing Belief -- RPS, tinhats, veils of fiction and CKR/HD

SGA Codes Of Conduct (who can have sex with whom in Atlantis)


Masculinities in "Firefly"


Confessions of a Multi-Fannish Whore: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Orgy!


Betrayal And Abandonment In Some Of Our Favourite Heroes